Make Lasting Memories With a Dog Photoshoot

Interest in pet photography has gone up about 30% in recent years. With so many homes across the country housing furry animals, it’s no wonder dog photography is so popular.

If you’re interested in throwing a dog photoshoot for your pet, you’re likely wondering how to capture your dog’s personality and quirks with a camera. Here’s a list of photography tips to help you take pet snapshots you’ll cherish forever.

Choose Their Favorite Spot

While it may be tempting to photograph your dog in a new place they’ve never been; taking pictures of them in a spot they’re already familiar with will make the process much easier.

Think about where your dog is most comfortable, such as the backyard, local park, or even inside your home. These are the best options for keeping your pet photography authentic.

Opt for Natural Lighting

Natural sunlight often provides the best lighting for photos, and luckily, your pet probably already loves being outdoors!

Do your photoshoot during times when the sun isn’t too harsh, like right around sunset or on a cloudy day. Not only will your photos come out better, but you also won’t have to worry about scaring your pup with a camera flash.

If you’re still not satisfied with the lighting, no worries! Try using an online photo enhancer.

Use Burst Mode

If your pet is full of lively energy that you want to capture on camera, using fast shutter speeds is your best way of photographing all of the action.

Use burst mode to take a bunch of pictures in just a few seconds. This will help ensure a spontaneous moment of your dog running, licking his lips, or playing with a toy is captured in detail.

Have Toys and Treats Handy

Taking pictures of dogs is a lot like taking pictures of kids in that you’ll want to have several different distractions ready.

Bring out a favorite dog toy or yummy treat to get their attention. Be ready to take photos as soon as your dog notices the distraction so you get the best shots. Toys and treats are also great rewards for when they’re doing a good job, too.

Get Down on Their Level

This is a great way to help your dog feel comfortable around the camera while also trying out fun angles.

Sit or lay down on the ground so that you and your dog are at eye level. Capture some photos from this angle, taking snapshots of those puppy-dog eyes and expression-filled close-ups.

Be Patient

Dogs aren’t natural models, so don’t worry if it takes time to get images that capture your dog’s expression and personality the way you’d like.

Be patient and stay relaxed. Once you become upset or irritated, your dog will pick up on these feelings, and your photos won’t come out as well.

Make Your Dog Photoshoot a Hit

A dog photoshoot is a great opportunity to bond and have fun with your special pet. By keeping the mood light and incorporating things your dog loves, you’re sure to end up with images that show off your pup’s personality.

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