Pet Anxiety

Pet Anxiety: Tips For Managing Your Pet’s Anxiety

Dogs or other pets suffer from anxiety and stress like humans do. It can be very difficult to recognize pet anxiety.. Sometimes, your pet could try to tell you that he or she is stressed by pushing his…

Herbal Antibiotics: Are Herbs Effective For Pets

Herbal Antibiotics For Pets: Are Herbs Effective For Pets?

Are Herbs Effective For Pets: No matter how much good care you take of your pets, their chances of getting open wounds are inevitable. Your pet’s body is more complex than you could think of. To keep them…

professional dog groomer

3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dog Groomer

Dog grooming isn’t only for bougie pups, despite what all the National Dog Show might have you believe. It is a necessity for every pup. Regular grooming keeps your dog healthy, free of fleas, and looking his best….

getting an ESA

Getting an ESA: What to Look for in an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals have a unique approach to aiding people. While training would not be a requirement for these animals, they would be more akin to owning pets. While it may sound simple, there is more that goes…

therapy pet

Therapy Pet: 5 Key Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal

Are you currently in some kind of treatment for your mental health struggles? While therapy, medication management, and a strong support network are critical building blogs for recovery and wellbeing, there are additional things that you can do…

pet trends

7 Pet Trends to Watch in 2021

When most people think of the ways that COVID-19 impacted the world, they think of things like the economy and education. One industry that you might not realize it affected is the pet industry. However, the adoption rates…

chickens in winter

Backyard Chickens in Winter: Everything You Need to Know

Raising chickens can pose quite a challenge when the winter months come. In homesteading, the trickier aspect to this is in using natural methods to keep everything natural and organic. While not using any form of heating on…

how to prevent utis in cats

How to Prevent UTIs in Cats and Dogs

Did you know that having a pet can benefit your health? Studies have shown that they can reduce stress and cholesterol levels. Not only that, but they can help ease loneliness, especially dogs and cats. It’s important to…

train your cat

5 Amazing Things That You Can Train Your Cat to Do

“Cats” is one of the most searched terms on the internet. This should come as no surprise to anyone who spends even a couple of hours of their day surfing the web. Cats are loved for being mischievous…

backyard ideas for dogs

3 Must Have Backyard Ideas for Dogs

Americans keep 89.7 million dogs as pets in their households. Exploring backyard ideas for dogs will increase your pup’s quality of life. About 63.4 million U.S. households own pet dogs. As our furry family members, dogs need a…