How Airports Can Benefit From Drug Sniffing Dogs

In the United States alone, about 31.9 million people ages 12 and over are current drug users. This startling stat might have you curious about what you can do to prevent drugs from entering the country.

One thing that’s catching on is having drug sniffing dogs in airports. You might wonder what the benefit of having these specially-trained dogs in airports is. Read this guide on how beneficial they are and help to reduce drugs across the country today.

What Are Drug Sniffing Dogs?

You can learn more about how these specialized dogs are trained before you hire drug sniffing dogs. After they’re trained, they sniff hand luggage and passengers at various checkpoints.

They’re trained with their favorite toy in order to hunt and get excited when they find it. To them, it’s important to find their favorite toy and not be wrong.

In the beginning, they’re rewarded for finding the correct scent. Over time they’ll be rewarded for showing the correct behavior.

If you report a suspicious package, they’ll sniff for those as well. They can also sniff the cargo hatch and the aircraft.

This leads their handler toward the source. As these dogs work, they perform in silence as they go.

Why Use Trained Dogs?

While these specialized dogs can’t replace humans, they’ll provide extra security for you and those around you. Dogs are better at picking up different scents than humans, and they can inhale more air per sniff.

Reduce Wait Times

Another plus of these specialized dogs is that they reduce wait time overall. You won’t have to worry about emptying your bag, removing your shoes, or having to go through security.

Specially Trained

Canine teams found in airports can identify wildlife, parts of an animal, cash, drugs, and contraband. They could also find harmful plants as well. One popular team is the Beagle Brigade in the U.S.

Keep in mind that their skill isn’t perfect and sometimes items can slip through the cracks. While it’s a positive to have drug-sniffing dogs at airports, it’s still important to have other measures in place.

Protect Planes

Not only can they prevent drugs from entering, but they can also protect the ecosystem and planes from bombs. Keep in mind that if something dangerous is found you will receive severe consequences.

Easy Detection

The handler will understand the dog’s behavior when they find something suspicious. They’re different methods such as imitating digging if they find something alarming.

The Various Benefits of Drug Sniffing Dogs in Airports

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different benefits of drug sniffing dogs in airports. If you’re in airport security, talk with others to see if they’ll be beneficial for your location.

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