7 Factors Every Dog Owner Should Consider When Adopting a Second Dog

Thinking about adding a second furry family member to your home? There’s more to consider than names and the cutest collar! To avoid running into big problems, there are a few things you need to consider before adopting a dog.

Here are seven things any dog owner should consider before getting a second dog.

1. It Will Take Time

Both the search for a compatible new dog and the introductions will take time! You need to find a dog that will get along with both your family and your current pet. Dogs like rescue Cairn Terriers are usually friendly and cheerful!

You can make the transition easier by introducing dogs on neutral territory. If you can, set up a few playdates with the previous owner or breeder before bringing your new friend home.

2. Different Breeds, Different Needs

If you get a different breed of dog, you need to be prepared to learn some new skills. Some dogs may need more attention than others. You may not be able to take your dogs for the same morning walk or feed them the same food.

Even if you choose the same dog breed, they are still individuals with unique care needs. This is doubly true if your dogs have an age gap.

3. Training Could Get Tough

Good training is essential in a two-dog house, but it’s easy to let things get out of control when you have to discipline and reward two animals.

They could distract each other during training. You may need to take extra time to train them separately. It’s a good idea to use different training words, as well!

4. The Money Factor

You already know that owning a dog can get expensive. Before getting a second dog, consider that your pet budget will need to go up. You need to be able to afford twice as many vet visits and twice as much food!

Another unexpected expense could be the toys, treats, and accessories. Your dogs may not be too keen on sharing!

5. Extra Chores

Two dogs make a bigger mess than one! When you introduce a second dog, know that you’ll find yourself spending more time cleaning than before.

More than just their shedding fur and destroyed squeaky toys, you’ll be picking up more waste as well.

6. New Routines

Even after the introduction period, your life will be very different! For instance, if your new dog is higher energy, your walks and playtime might be longer! Feeding could get complicated, too.

Be ready for permanent changes to your routine and lifestyle!

7. More Love to Go Around

The last thing you need to consider is if you’re ready to enjoy life with a new companion! Do you want to laugh and smile more than ever before with the addition of a brand new personality?

And don’t forget, if you’re cuddling up with two dogs instead of one – you might need to buy a bigger bed!

Learn More Before Becoming a Two Dog Owner

As a dog owner, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before adding to your family! Keep these things in mind while you make your decision and start looking for a new friend.

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