Herbal Antibiotics For Pets: Are Herbs Effective For Pets?

No matter how much good care you take of your pets, their chances of getting open wounds are inevitable. Your pet’s body is more complex than you could think of. To keep them away from bacteria and wounds needs constant care and effort. You might have tried different antibiotics on your pet to keep them safe. The question arises are herbs effective for Pets?

Have you ever wonder that what could you do to protect them from getting infected while taking care of the environment? If not, this is the best time that you need to think of it. Antibiotics do well on your pet’s body but they directly or indirectly damage the environment. Even though you are not an environmentalist; you don’t want to damage the environment.

 The next best option is- Herbal Antibiotics. Some herbs are proven to have the antibiotic ability in themselves that could kill the germs present inside your pet’s body. Some herbs work as a healing agent of wounds and yet take care of the organ system of your pet.

Which herbs to use for pets?

1. Colloidal Silver

Proponents of Silver have claimed to have the property of strengthening the immune system of pets. Particles of silver can penetrate a pet’s body on a cellular level because of its extra small size. Silver can destroy all types of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Ultimately, colloidal silver can fight fungus in a pet’s body, kill diseases, improve the immune system of the pet, and repair damaged tissues. Make sure that you use the high-quality brand Colloidal Silver. You can give it to your pet 5-10 drops twice or thrice a day.

2. Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf has an active ingredient in itself that boosts the immune system and deactivates viruses or bacteria present in the pet’s body. It is the best substitute for antibiotics because it does not harm good bacteria present in a pet’s body, which antibiotics do. Olive Leaf helps in overcoming Intestinal infection, dental infection, and many more.

Based on the size of your pet; you have to provide them with an olive leaf in form of either powder or capsule. Your pet can have water of olive leaf- you need to steep olive leaves in hot water, then strain the leaves and use the hot water.

3. Garlic

Garlic is very much safe and beneficial for your pets. It helps in removing waste, preventing blood clots, prevents tumours, and deter pests. Garlic is a great alternative to antibiotics but too much of its consumption may cause your pet trouble. Allicin-crushed garlic can fight a wide range of bacteria. If your dog is under medication, then prefer other herbs but garlic.

 You also need to know that garlic does not suit pregnant dogs and pets at 6 months old age.

4. Plantain

Plantain is the most common herb that you can find anywhere. It contains Allantoin- which can kill germs, speed up the healing process, and stimulate skin growth. You can apply a lotion of plantain on your pet’s rashes or bites. You can give your pet plantain as equivalent to their body weight.

Plantain can cause rashes or can lead to other reactions. If you ever find your pet having allergic reactions to plantain, then stop immediate usage of it and follow other herbs or antibiotics for your pet.

5. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is used for many medical purposes. Goldenseal is good for the internal organs of your pets. You can use goldenseal as a disinfectant, for that you need to put it on cloth and apply it to the skin of your pet. It is also useful for ear infections. It tastes very bitter so you need to disguise the taste with help of other flavours. You can’t use Goldenseal for a longer period for your pets. Avoid usage of it on pregnant pets and infant pets. Use Goldenseal for a constant week and then take a break; you should not use it continuously.

6. Natural Honey

Natural Honey has antiseptic properties. Honey, not only prevents the growth of bacteria or virus but it also has powerful ability to heal the wounds. No other herb holds the power as strong as honey. Honey has similar effects on your pets as it has on you. You have to keep in mind one important thing that honey’s dosage differs from pets to pets. You should not give natural honey to your diabetic dog or dog under the age of one year.

7. Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil is the best alternative to antibiotics. It is scientifically proven that oregano oil is powerful phenol that can kill unwanted bacteria from your pet’s body. You need to be cautious about giving oregano oil to your pets, you should not ever give them oregano oil without dilution. They have to have diluted oil with almond oil or any other oil. You can give oregano oil mixture to your pets three times a day.

Are Herbs Effective For Pets?

Now, that you have known which herbs are the best alternative to antibiotics; you may wonder, “Are herbs effective for my pets?” The answer is yes, herbs are effective in your pets. Herbs give much as benefits as antibiotics do and that too without harming the environment or creating a negative impact on your pets.

Herbs are effective in many ways. Scientific researchers and the users of herbs have claimed that herbs can treat digestive issues of your pet, resolve kidney issues, resolve bladder issues, helps in overcoming skin problems, tissue injuries, and bone injuries.

All the herbs are of great significance, though it is wise to consult a vet first, before applying herbs on your pets. Some herbs are toxic for your pets and you need to avoid them.

Bottom Line

Note that there is no such herb as “Best for all.” – Just like every human body is different, so is every pet body. You need to learn which herb suits best for your pet.