What are the Benefits of CBG Oil for Dogs?

Every pup parent wants the same thing: a healthy, happy dog who’s free from pain and discomfort. Truthfully, we would give them the world if we could, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Because of our love for our furry friends, we’re always looking for ways to support their health and comfort. There’s an emerging solution out there that you may not have heard of: CBG oil.

What Is CBG Oil?

The full name for CBG is cannabigerol. As its name suggests, CBG is a cannabinoid which means that, like CBD, it’s derived from the cannabis plant.

There are actually high levels of CBG in young cannabis plants, but much of it turns into CBD and other cannabinoids as the plant matures. This is why, despite the increasingly discovered value of CBG, you see CBD so much more often.

What Are the Benefits of CBG Oil for Dogs?

Cannabinoids have a wide variety of health benefits, and CBG is no exception. The is a growing pool of research into the potential benefits of CBG. While studies are ongoing, the results are certainly promising.

CBG has some similar benefits to those of CBD oil as well as some other advantages that are unique to CBG.

Pain Relief

While pain is usually your dog’s way of signaling a problem, there are circumstances that cause chronic pain. In dogs, the most common are arthritis and hip dysplasia, especially among German Shepherds, Great Danes, and other breeds. For pups with these conditions, CBG may help to safely reduce their pain.

Assisting in Cancer Treatment

Early evidence suggests that CBG may be able to slow the growth of cancer cells. For dogs with cancer, this could help their treatments to be more effective. It’s important to note, though, that while CBG may slow cancer’s progression, it’s not a standalone cancer treatment.

Anxiety Relief

If your dog has anxiety, CBG may provide them with a natural, calming remedy. It doesn’t tend to cause the drowsiness that is common among pharmaceutical anxiety medications.

Digestive Care

Some digestive conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease or colitis, are chronic. Some research suggests that CBG oil for dogs, as a natural anti-inflammatory cannabinoid, can help to reduce the symptoms of these disorders.

Bacterial Control

CBG isn’t just naturally anti-inflammatory, it’s a natural antibiotic as well. This could lower your dog’s chance of developing a bacterial infection.

Bladder Control

In dogs that have difficulty with their bladder control due to medical conditions, this symptom is stressful for them and for you. Studies suggest that CBG may help with natural bladder control.

Should I Try CBG for My Dog?

With all these potential benefits, there’s just one question: is CBG suitable for your dog? While research so far suggests few risks, it’s always best to consult with your vet before changing anything in your dog’s healthcare routine. Ask them about CBG oil for dogs and whether can help your pup based on their medical history and current medications.

CBG is one of many ways you may be able to naturally improve your dog’s health. For more tips, check out our other pet health and pet care blogs.