How to Safely Leave Your Dog in the Car

Probably every dog lover will like to take their pups out for car drives and take them wherever they go. Usually, dogs, too, love car drives, when the sunshine touches his mane, the wind in his face, and the pleasing aroma make him feel fresh. But you must be aware of leaving your pooch alone in the Car. There may be instances where you should leave your pup alone in the car for at least a few minutes. Here are some of the main factors to be noticed while you leave your Dog Alone in the Car.

There will be possibilities of menacing activities if you leave your Dog Alone in the car unguarded. I personally recommend you all to never leave your dog alone in the Car either if necessary.

Can you leave your Dog Alone in the Car?

If chances arise to leave your Dog Alone in the Car, initially consider the temperature by the time you leave.

The cars which have been left in excessively high temperatures can become extremely hot or freeze. The temperature will not be normal even if you crack the window.

Look through these important facts before you leave him alone in the Car,

Important Stats:

The heat of the Car will increase up from 89 degrees to 104 degrees in 30 minutes when the temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, In 10 minutes, the heat of the Car could increase up to 99 degrees, and in 30 minutes, it could increase up to 114 degrees.

When the temperature is about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, In 10 minutes, the heat of the Car will increase up to 114 degrees, and at the same temperature, within 30 minutes, it will increase up to 129 degrees.

 Eventually, it becomes difficult for your Dog to breathe, and he will not bear up the heat if there is only heat air inside the Car. Consequently, your Dog will have to experience heat exhaustion when his body strikes 103 degrees.

It is also vicious to leave your Dog alone in the freezing Car. Basically, your car can turn into a refrigerator if there is no heater running. This coldness could affect your Dog’s physical condition.

Is it Safe to Leave your Dog in The Car?

It is possible for a dog to stay in a car alone for a maximum of five minutes. Consider the outside temperature; it must be above freezing and below 70 degrees.

Crack the window and park the Car in a sunless location in day times. Be sure you are not distracted. If so, you are putting your Dog’s life at risk.

It’s better if you have somebody to stay with your Dog in the Car. Keep the heat or air conditioner working.

Possible options for Leaving Your Dog in the Car

Use Drive Throughs Commonly

It’s a bit threatening to leave your Dog in the Car alone, as I have discussed before. Even if it’s urgent shopping, rather you can use the drive-through for errands. Pretty much easier. Restaurants, banks, bakeries, and pharmacies now will deliver to your cars themselves while your pet rides in comfort.

Accompany a Partner Who Can Help!

Ask any of your friends to help you in looking after your Dog while you are on errands.

Shop at a Pet-Friendly Store

Look for stores where your Dog is welcome to have a look with you. Make sure your dog is socialized and mastered in leash training. Practice him if he lacks in any of these.

Try an Outdoor Cafe

Rather than visiting indoor restaurants, better to try an outdoor cafe. It’s pretty much comfortable for your Dog sitting beneath your chair. Sometimes they also would offer your pooch a bowl of cool water.

Leave your Pooch at Home

There is no problem in leaving your dog alone at home in a crate. Being alone can make him a bit healthy too.

Temperature Concerns

As we discussed before, the temperature is one of the main factors to be brought into consideration while you leave your Dog Alone in the Car. Due to hot temperatures, heatstroke may occur. Therefore, it can affect your Dog in many ways like; organ failures, brain damage, blindness. It also causes death.

As I told you, your Dog may undergo heat exhaustion when his body hits 103 degrees. Cold temperature may cause your dog hypothermia.

Make sure you are considerable in temperature.

Is it Legal to Leave your Dog in Parked Cars?

Normally it is prohibited to leave any pets in parked cars unguarded. Rules and regulations are implemented in some states for the protection of the animals left in vehicles.

You must examine the conditions and location where you are parking.

If any of the individuals break the rules, that person could be charged. Some states which have no laws regarding animals have their own rules implemented by the government.

State Laws for Protecting Animals Left in Parked Vehicles

There are 28 states which have implemented laws that help with pets in parked cars.

New Jersey: 

Has prohibited leaving animals alone in vehicles under inhumane conditions unfavorable for the health or welfare of the living creature.

New York:

Prohibits leaving pets unguarded in vehicles in excessive temperatures without proper protection or ventilation where the animals’ lives are put into danger.

North Carolina:

The law has restricted people from cramping animals inside vehicles that cause death, injury, or even hurt them because of heat, freezing, and insufficient ventilation, or other vicious situations.

North Dakota:

Restricts leaving pets unguarded in a parked vehicle, which will put the health and the safety of the creature into danger.

South Dakota:

Restricts leaving animals alone and unattended in parked vehicles, which will endanger the safety and health of the animal.

Rhode Island:

The law declares that none of the individuals or holders should cramp their animals in a parked vehicle for a long period of time with excessive heating or freezing situations without proper ventilation or protection from such circumstances, which will put the life of the animal into a vicious health situation.


The law prohibits leaving an animal alone in a parked vehicle, which could put the safety and the health of the animal at risk.


The law restricts leaving an animal unattended in a vehicle or a small space in ways that could hurt or kill the creature due to extreme heat, cold, insufficient ventilation, or absence of water.

West Virginia:

Prohibits leaving pets unattended and cramping them in a parked vehicle when physical injury or death is likely to occur.


Restricts leaving animals unguarded and cramped in a stationary vehicle when death or physical injury is possible.


The law declares not to cramp or leave pets unattended in a parked vehicle, which will endanger the safety and health of the animal that could harm or cause death due to heats, cold, insufficient ventilation, and shortage or water, and eatables.


Prohibits leaving pets unguarded in a parked vehicle when the temperature is high or less, which would put the life of the animal into a ruthless situation.


Restricts cramping animals inside parked vehicles, which causes dangerous situations for the life of animals due to excessive heat and cold without proper protection from such situations.


The law declares and restricts confining the creature inside parked vehicles which cause sudden danger to the life of the animal due to heat, cold, and insufficient ventilation.


Restricts leaving an animal unattended in a parked vehicle which puts the life of the animal into danger.


Prohibits leaving animals unattended in vehicles that could endanger the life of the animal due to extreme cold or heat.


Restricts leaving pets inside parked vehicles which could endanger the safety and the life of the animal.


Prohibits leaving the animal unattended in the vehicle which could cause a vicious situation to the life and health of the animal because of excessive heat or cold or any other circumstance which will endanger the life of the animal.

New Hampshire:

The law declares to restrict confining animals inside parked vehicles or small spaces, which would endanger the life of the animal due to excessive heat or cold temperature.

Breaking into Someone’s Car if you see a Distressed Dog

This depends on the local laws or situations, but in some circumstances, it is legal. If you see dogs being suffering inside parked and locked cars, it’s legal to enter the vehicle to remove the animal out from the vehicle and save the animal’s life.

But it’s better to inform the local police if you see dogs suffering inside vehicles and follow their instructions.

Tips/Tricks If You Are to Leave Your Dog Alone in the Car

If you are to leave your Dog Alone in the car unattended, you just need to follow certain tips;

Look For a Sheltered Place While Parking Your Vehicle.

Look for a shaded spot to park your Car to cover the vehicle from excessive temperature.

Always Be Aware of The Temperature.

Avoid leaving your Dog Alone in the Car when the temperature is too extreme. Use any gadgets which help you consider the temperature.

Water will help to keep your Dog Maintaining a Cool Temperature.

Leave a bowl of water with your Dog so that it keeps your dog cool when the temperature is too hot. And also, if your Dog is well trained, you don’t have to worry about most of these things. If you don’t know or need help in training him, checking out this is worth the time(you will thank me later)

Caring for Your Dog’s Safety in Mind

It’s pretty much funnier when you take your Dog with you for errands. But it’s necessary to consider his safety initially.

In certain situations, it may seem to be FINE leaving your Dog alone in the car, but it will be much more cautious if you leave your puppy at home when you are driving somewhere where your Dog is not supposed to be welcome.