Everything You Need for Winter Dog Walking

You might have been lucky enough to enjoy some long leisurely walks with your furry friend in the summer months. But winter will soon be here, and even though the conditions are no longer ideal, your dog still needs plenty of exercises and fresh air. If you’ve got a particularly energetic dog, long walking is a must, no matter how cold or wet it is outside.

Winter Dog Walking
Winter Dog Walking

Having the right clothing for these walks will keep you warm while helping you stay safe and healthy, and maybe even protect your pet. Here’s a look at everything you need for those cold winter walks.

Protection for Feet

On your own feet, you’ll want quality socks to keep warm. If you are a pet lover, you might enjoy these Cats Don’t Know Sit socks. Then, you’ll need hardwearing, waterproof boots with plenty of grips.

Your dog’s feet are better equipped for winter than your own. But, snow, and worse, salt scattered on the paths, can cause pain and severe damage to your pet’s paws. Doggie booties are an option, but your dog may be more comfortable with paw wax for protection.

Waterproof Coats

Not all dogs need extra layers in the winter. If yours has long, thick fur, they are naturally prepared for the elements. But, animals with short or thin fur can have a more challenging time in cold weather. A padded, waterproof dog coat can help to keep them warm on particularly cold days.

You should also invest in a padded and waterproof coat for yourself. Down can be ideal, and a good hood is a must for windy weather and storms. When it gets dark much earlier, for evening walks in the winter you should also invest in some reflective clothes or accessories to help you stay safe, especially if you walk far away from home.

Durable Gloves

Holding a lead for long walks in cold weather can quickly become painful and difficult. Waterproof gloves are a necessity, but they should also be flexible so that you don’t have to take them off to use your hands.


Even in cold weather on long, energetic walks, you might become hot. Wear light layers under your coat to trap warm air while regulating your body temperature and avoiding sweating.

A Fast-Drying Doggy Towel

In wet weather, you are bound to return home with a soppy pouch. In the snow, no matter how hard you try to keep the snow from sticking in his fur, he’ll still be wet when he gets in, and even on drier days, long walks are bound to leave you with a dirty dog. A towel to dry him off when you get in, maybe before letting him run free in your home, is a must. If you walk multiple times a day, a thin microfiber towel that dries quickly could be ideal. These towels also pack down small if you wanted to take them out with you.

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With the right protection, Winter Dog Walking can still be enjoyable. But, remember to check the weather, dress appropriately, and take care of yourself and your dog when the conditions are harsh.