Healthy Dog: Nutrition Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy

“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole”. Hence, it becomes the sole responsibility of any dog owner, better said as dog- lover to take optimum care of their dog’s nutrition and health to make it a healthy dog.

Here I represent you a small article describing to you the best practices by which you can control what you put into the care of your dog.

Healthy and Maintained Diet For Healthy Dog

First and foremost includes a healthy and maintained diet for your dog. Food =fuel. Pick up the right food according to the age of your dog and feed the correct amount.

1. Do Not Use Hyped Products

Don’t blindfold by following market hyped products. Try to keep an eye on the core ingredients included in the canned food. Sometimes the results may even surprise you. So, as a responsible dog-lover don’t miss out to give a short Google search on the core ingredients written over it.

2. Greeneries

Some market tycoons to increase their sales can go to any extent by making a belief in everybody that shelf-stable foods are the substitute for any staple diet. They can be short-time replacements but not permanent substitutes for greeneries. So never let them fool you and stick to your greeneries for a dog.

3. Antioxidant-rich Fruits

If you are unable to avoid using commercial foods, then at least try to add anti-inflammatory whole foods and antioxidant-rich fruits like bananas in the platter served to your dog. Except for humans nobody else on this planet prefers to eat cooked meat may be the reason behind is their body’s metabolism. So don’t assume what suits you, will also suit your dog.

4. Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Genetically modified foods and products are not always as cool as they seem to be. They can possess the risk to health unless particular guidelines are given. Therefore look before you buy any organic vegetables and fruits for your dog.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very useful material that can protect your dog from the deadly pesticides and insecticides that are nowadays very much in use in farms. Scrub the pesticides off the non-organic vegetables and fruits with a clean soft brush while soaking them in one part apple cider vinegar and four parts water for a minute and then rinsing.

6. More Vegetables and Fruits

Your body is not only about what you eat, but actually about what you absorb. Make it a habit to feed more vegetables and fruits as they are fresh whole foods and full of live enzymes. Avoid synthetic products as they may possess hidden harms to the body’s natural universe. Fibrous foods like blueberries aid in your dog’s digestion and help to control the blood sugar level as well.

 Some Extra Care That Would Nurture Your Dog

1. Gluten Mixed Foods

Gluten mixed foods are not to be prescribed in any dog foods as they deposit unstable fats in the body and can restrain the healthy metabolism of kidneys and liver in the dog’s body.  Choosing GMO-free lentils over rice is a very good decision, as they are great protein substituents and require only boiling to be served ready. Lentils are highly rich in iron and magnesium. They also have lysine, an essential amino acid that is a must in the body to boost the immune system against viral and bacterial attacks.

2. Fatty Acid Oils

The use of medium-chain fatty acid oils is very vital. They cannot be stored in the body for long so the fear of unwanted fat deposition is gone. Some of the oils such as hemp oil, coconut oil possess antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which improve nutrient digestion and absorption, prevent cancer, diabetes, and skin allergies in dogs.  Preferably fresh sardines can also be served as a delicacy treat to your dog.

3. Serve as per BMI Requirements

Lastly, remember to mush or too little of anything is very dangerous. So, keep a record of how much you need to serve the dog as per its BMI requirements. Some dogs may appear to be very skinny or very fat irrespective of the food taken. It sometimes may indicate the dog’s genetic buildup.

4. Water Requirements

Don’t miss out to look into the water requirements of your dog along with the food. Safe drinking free from harmful chemicals like excess fluorides should be checked before giving. Water purifiers can be installed for safety purposes.

5. White Vinegar

Make it a regular habit to wash your dog’s bowls with good white vinegar usually as they are a chemical-free alternative to chemical dishwashers. There are many other organic products too available in the market if you need one.

6. Teeth Brushing Activity

Take care of your dog’s teeth and gums by giving him or her regular teeth brushing activity. Vegetables like carrots and zucchini can be given to chew after the whole wheat food to remove all stuck meats.

7. Probiotics

Probiotics are a new healthy substitute to increase the good bacteria in your dog’s large intestine. They fight viruses, parasites and manufacture good vitamins. They are a micro self immunity system.

8. Quality time

Last but not the least, it is your dog after all, which you brought and kept as your family member, so try to spend quality time with him. Dogs can’t speak but they understand the language of affection and love. Take a break and teach your dog some tricks for mental stimulation.

Nurture Mental Health For Healthy Dog

Give rewards like toys and puzzles filled with their favourite snacks to them for any small gesture of help they showed to you or your family member. Take them for morning and evening walks and play to keep them healthy and strong. Discover new ways of showing your affection to them as they often show by moving around you while you return from your hectic jobs, licking and kissing you, and whatnot.

Very importantly, schedule healthy pet exams with your family vets as the dogs may feel more familiar with the same kind of physician. This potentially helps in preventive care through early detections. Avoid using too many chemical sprays as they are toxic to both human and pet lifestyles.

Bottom line

According to a recent clinic survey, it was discovered that sleeping with your dog helps the owner in getting a peaceful night’s sleep. but it all depends on your mood and the dog’s mindset too.