Caring for Your German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs are loyal, protective, vigilant and loving. Although they were bred to herd and protect sheep, these dogs like to be treated as part of your family. They are intelligent, energetic and athletic. These incredible dogs can also be challenging. Therefore, these are a few tips to help you care for your German Shepherd.

Feed Your Dog Properly

While you search for German Shepherd puppies for sale Miami, you need to learn how to care for them, starting with how to feed them. Your dog’s food should have adequate nutrition and not be full of filler ingredients, especially corn protein. Look for well-balanced dog food with animal protein. Avoid giving these animals table scraps because it has a negative impact on their digestion. Also, German Shepherds are prone to bloat, which can be deadly, so feed them several smaller meals throughout the day, and avoid overfeeding them because they are prone to obesity. Treats, including crunchy vegetables, should only be up to 10% of your dog’s intake.

Make sure water is readily available at all times. This may require that you refill the dog’s bowl several times throughout the day.

Training and Activity

German Shepherds are highly intelligent dots. Therefore, they require in-depth training and lots of activity. They like to be outdoors and go on adventures with you. They enjoy exploring new places. If you purchase or adopt a German Shepherd, you need to have an active lifestyle. For example, you should enjoy long walks and time outdoors.

When you leave these dogs alone, they tend to get into trouble, especially if they don’t have challenging toys. For example, they tend to bark and chew when they are bored. If you must leave them alone, close the doors of the rooms you don’t want them in. Also, pick up toys, shoes and other possessions that they can chew.

Caring for Their Coats

These dogs have long coats, and some have very dense undercoats. They also shed heavily once or twice per year. Therefore, your dog needs regular grooming. Also, when they are shedding, you should brush them every day. When they aren’t shedding, they still need to be brushed at least twice per week.

Prevent Their Common Health Problems

Pure-bred German Shepherds, like any other pure-bred dog, have several health challenges. Some of these animals get dental disease, so you should brush their teeth twice per week. Also, stay up to date on their shots to prevent bacterial or viral infections, and have them regularly tested for parasites.

Due to their size, these dogs also may experience joint and bone problems as well as bloating.

German Shepherds are incredible family and working dogs. However, they do take special care, so do your research before purchasing a German Shepherd.