Buying Vet Exclusive Cat Foods

As a pet owner, taking good care of your cat’s health is a key concern as you want to provide them with a long and healthy life. One of the most important aspects of keeping your pet healthy is their diet. The food you feed your cat can have a notable impact on their health and overall quality of life. However, as a good pet owner, it can be a challenge knowing what food to feed your cat given the sheer variety of options available. Common options available in chain stores are easy to find but may not offer the highest quality ingredients or nutrition your pet needs.

Another option for quality pet food is to buy it from a vet. High-quality food options such as Healthy Gourmet Feline Adult from iVet are only sold by animal healthcare professionals. In addition, your vet can offer expert advice on what type of food is best for your pet’s living situation and if specialized food may be needed for any health conditions your cat may have. With several brands of exclusive food available, learning about the brands your vet offers allows you to ask relevant questions when talking to your vet about which food is best for your cat’s well-being.

The Best Vet Exclusive Cat Foods

When reviewing cat food choices only available at the vet, there are many well-known and respected brands to choose from. While not every vet carries the same brands the most popular choices are often widely offered. Here five of the top choices available rank from 4th to 1st.

  • Purina Pro Veterinary Diets: when selecting a cat food brand, Purina is a well-known choice. Specially formulated for your cat’s health, Purina Pro Veterinary Diet formula is designed to assist vets in ensuring your cat’s health. Purina Pro has several formulas available to assist your cat with any specific health needs they may have.
  • Royal Canin: Royal Canin doesn’t just make pet food for mass retail, they also make vet-exclusive blends and formulas to assist your cat’s health needs. They offer blends designed to assist with urinary needs, digestion, dental care, and other such needs. Royal Canin also offers formulas for different stages in your cat’s life.
  • Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet: Hill’s offers several blends and formulas to help your cat throughout life. Hill’s Science Diet offers formulas for weight control, urinary, digestive health, and specific dietary needs. Hill’s Prescription Diet is designed to be prescribed by a vet for specific healthcare needs. Hill’s Prescription Diet can help with health matters such as urinary health, kidney support, weight control, digestion, and other health issues such as diabetes.
  • iVet Healthy Gourmet Feline Adult Formula: finally, Healthy Gourmet Feline Adult Formula offers a practical solution for your adult cat’s nutritional needs. It is designed for moderately active adult cats and formulated to provide proper nutrition, protein, and proper fat levels. It is a high-quality professional solution that is designed for general eating and does not require any preexisting health condition to purchase for your pet.

Final Thoughts

When buying food for your cat, there are numerous options available both online and in traditional stores. With so many choices, knowing what brands are not only good but best for your pet’s concerns can be hard to conclude. Buying your pet’s food directly from your vet can take a lot of questions and confusion out of the entire process. The exclusive food your vet carries is higher quality than many other options and your vet will be aware of industry changes and the best options currently for sale. Plus, if your cat has any health concerns, your vet can advise on the best food for your cat’s health and lifestyle needs.