6 Tips on Taking Pet Photographs for New Owners

Did you know that over two-thirds of American households have pets?

Whether you own a dog, cat, or another type of animal, your pet is a cherished member of your family. One of the best ways you can celebrate them is to capture their cuteness in photos.

Do you want to know how you can take better pet photographs? Keep reading to learn 6 expert photography tips that can work on all types of pets.

1. Use Natural Lighting When Possible

Natural lighting can make your photos look softer and help you avoid distracting shadows. If you can’t take your photos outside, then try to get your pet near a bright window when it’s sunny out.

2. Create a Beautiful Backdrop

Your pet may be the star of the show, but you can amplify their cuteness by setting up a scenic backdrop. The outdoors provides all of the decorations you need for a pleasant shot, but you can also get creative with sheets and other decor if you’re taking photos indoors.

3. Have Treats on Hand to Make Things Easier

Anyone who’s ever tried hiring pet photographers knows that every professional comes with plenty of treats to get the job done. Since many animals are food-driven, you can get them to sit still and look at the camera by holding a treat out. You’ll also have the opportunity to snap photos of them performing tricks when you have treats.

4. Get Creative With Props

Every good photoshoot has props to liven up the surroundings. One of the greatest props you can use is customized pillows and other items that have your pet’s face on them. You can visit this website to make your special props.

5. Experiment With Angles

As it turns out, other animals have good angles just like us. In order to get amazing photos, you should try looking at your pet from different angles to see where they look most beautiful or silly. For example, if you’re taking cat photos, you could get some interesting shots from below when they’re perched somewhere high.

6. Try Different Poses

In addition to angles, certain poses can make or break a photo. Whether you want to capture your pet sprawled out during a cozy nap or leaping through the air during a run, you’ll both have a blast playing with different poses. If you’re taking photos of dogs, no photoshoot would be complete without getting the classic puppy dog eyes look.

Now You Can Become an Expert at Taking Pet Photographs

Taking pet photographs can be challenging if you have a rambunctious animal, but these tips are guaranteed to get you stellar results. Once you see your photos, you’re going to want to frame them all!

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