5 Benefits of an Automatic Cat Feeder

Approximately 42.7 million households in the United States own at least one cat.

Although cats are relatively low-maintenance pets, they tend to be demanding around mealtimes since they are creatures of habit. If you’re on a tight schedule, it can be difficult or even impossible for you to remember to feed your pet at the same time every day.

In recent years, automatic cat feeders have surged in popularity. If you need help deciding whether to purchase an automatic cat feeder, this post can help! We’ll explore five ways this device can benefit both you and your favorite feline!

1. Saves You Precious Time

One reason pet owners opt for automatic feeders is that they make feeding your pet much easier. You don’t even need to think about feeding times anymore since the machine does all the work for you.

Simply program your automatic cat feeder for a specific number of cat meals each day.

2. Never Worry About Forgetting to Feed Your Cat

Some people live such hectic lives that they forget to feed their cats. If this happens to you once or twice, it’s probably best to purchase an automatic feeder that will do this chore for you!

Of course, you’ll need to remember to refill it with cat food occasionally!

3. Keeps Your Cat From Waking You Up During the Night

Unfortunately, cats can’t tell time, so they might wake you up in the middle of the night begging for food. Giving in to your cat’s late-night cravings may seem like the only way to get your beauty sleep, but it trains them to continue waking you up at night.

A much better solution is an automatic feeder, which can give your cat its midnight snack and breakfast while you stay fast asleep.

4. Prevents Overfeeding

Overweight or obese cats are much more likely to suffer health issues and die prematurely. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that dry food for cats is calorie-dense, which leads them to overfeed their cats.

One way to control your cat’s portion sizes is to purchase an automatic feeder. You can ask your vet the recommended serving size based on your cat’s size and health. Then, program the feeder to distribute that exact amount at each meal!

5. Keeps Wet Food Fresh

Wet and canned food spoils quickly, so it needs to stay in the refrigerator until your cat is ready to eat. However, some automatic feeders have ice packs under the food trays, which allow you to store wet food for cats.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Automatic Cat Feeder

Undoubtedly, an automatic cat feeder saves you time and makes caring for your feline much easier. Moreover, it can benefit your cat by keeping their food fresh and controlling their portions.

Since all feeders have different features, be sure to do some research in advance and make sure that the machine does everything you want it to do. As a result, both you and your cat will be satisfied with the purchase!

Did this article help you understand the benefits of automatic cat feeders? If so, be sure to check out more of our pet-related content!