What Do You Feed a Pet Snake?

Would you like to own your pet snake? If you’ve ever owned or considered owning one, then you likely have questions. Do snakes make good pets? What do they eat?

Before dropping the cash to purchase your snake, you might want to consider its diet. Do you have the time and money to provide your snake with the food it needs to stay healthy and strong?

If you’ve considered keeping a snake as a pet, then read on because we’re going to walk you through the best things to feed a pet snake.

Frozen and Freeze-Dried Foods

Frozen foods are usually live prey that has been frozen. You can buy frozen mice, rats, and other feeder animals, as well as freeze-dried insects and worms. When choosing between frozen and freeze-dried foods, it is important to take into consideration the size of your snake.

All frozen and freeze-dried foods should be properly thawed and rehydrated before feeding. When feeding, it’s important to not overfeed your pet and also to not leave any uneaten food in the enclosure. Before providing any of these, it’s best to make sure to check with a veterinarian as to what type of food is best for the specific species of snake as well as your pet.

Live Feeding

Live food can be beneficial to a snake’s well-being, as it provides them with the opportunity to hunt and feed as they would in the wild. When live feeding, it is important to provide species-appropriate food items, such as appropriately sized mice, rats, or gerbils.

Purchase prey species bred in captivity, as they are usually accustomed to being handled. In addition, captive-bred prey items will usually have been raised on diets higher in nutrition than most wild-caught prey animals.

Insects to Feed Pet Snakes

Crickets are one of the easiest and most available food sources to add to your pet’s nutritional diet. Other nutritious and easy-to-find insects include grasshoppers, waxworms, mealworms, and silkworms. When it comes to living insects, be sure to feed your pet the correct size for their mouth.

If you are hesitant to feed your snake live insects, frozen and dehydrated versions are also available for purchase. Be sure to rotate different types of insects, so your pet gets a wide range of nutrient-rich meals.

Feeding Frequency

How often you feed your snake will depend on its age, size, and species. Generally, younger snakes need to be fed more frequently as they eat more during their growth periods.

Adult snakes should be fed every 7-14 days with larger meals. Feeding more than once every two weeks can lead to obesity.

Sub-adult snakes should be fed every 5-7 days. Make sure to always provide fresh water for your pet snake.

Select the Best Food for Your Pet Snake

Overall, feeding a pet snake is an enjoyable and rewarding task that provides your beloved pet with the necessary nutrition. When researching which type of snake food to give your pet, make sure to do your research to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your pet.

Pet stores and veterinarians can be great resources for additional information. Now, it’s time to go pick out your snake’s favorite dietary items!

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