Top 5 Dog Kennel Cleaner Tips To Try

Around 38% of American households have a pet dog – these furry animals truly are man’s best friend.

However, keeping dogs comes with responsibility. Whether you’ve got a kennel in your garden, you’re a groomer, or professional kennels, you’ll know that you need to keep kennels clean.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, kennel cleaning can feel like a mammoth task. But, it doesn’t have to; we’re here with five dog kennel cleaner tips for an easy life and a happy dog.

Read on to find out more.

1. Suitable Kennel Set-Up

The first thing to prioritize is encouraging your dog to keep its own kennel clean. This may sound challenging, but it’s easier than you think.

Dogs don’t like to go to the toilet near where they eat or sleep, so you should place their bed and food in front of the dog kennel. This will encourage them to go to their outside space to do their business.

When you’re cleaning the dog kennels, use a hose from front to back to avoid getting dirty water on their bowls and beddings.

2. Clean Regularly

It doesn’t matter how thorough your cleaning is if you don’t do it enough. Your dog doesn’t want to live in filth, and it’s your responsibility to clean often.

A dirty kennel is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that could make your dog sick – so don’t take the risk. You should be picking up any mess daily and doing deep cleans at least once per week.

3. Be Safe

Next, as the kennel cleaner, you need to prioritize your own health and safety. Make sure you wear appropriate PPE when dealing with cleaning chemicals and wash your hands immediately afterward.

Also, you need to be aware of potential interactions between chemicals that you’re using – always check that they’re safe to use together.

Finally, always remove the dog from the kennel before you clean to avoid the dog getting anxious and potentially aggressive.

4. Choose Appropriate Bedding

Whereas inside your dog’s bedding can be luxuriously fluffy, outside you want weather-proof bedding. You should invest in a raised mesh cot to promote airflow in the kennel.

Outdoor bedding is also weather-resistant and will be easier to clean than soft and fluffy alternatives.

5. Get High-Quality Products

As a responsible dog owner, you need to ensure you’re using the right cleaning products. Your average bathroom cleaner won’t do – make sure you’re using dog-safe products that have been tried and tested.

You can buy these kennel cleaning supplies for guaranteed quality and safety for your canine friend.

Dog Kennel Cleaner Tips for a Happy Dog

These dog kennel cleaner tips will help you keep your dog happy and clean at all times. So, no smelly kennels; it’s time to set up a kennel fit for a doggy king!

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