The Right Horse Breed. Practical Advice to Choose and Welcome Home Your New Best Friend

In the United States, there are up to 9.2 million domesticated equines. Among these are hundreds of different horse breeds, each with unique characteristics.

If you’re thinking of getting a horse, it’s important to choose a suitable breed for your needs and level of experience. This article will help you decide which horse breeds are right for you and give you some tips for successful horse ownership.

Research Different Horse Breeds

The list of horse breeds is long, but we can group them into five categories. Let’s take a look at each!


Ponies are smaller than horses, and they are usually under 14.2 hands high (4.5 feet). They can do a wide range of tasks such as pulling wagons, riding, or hauling loads. Today, they are among the favorite pet horse breeds for children since they are small and unintimidating.

Draft Horses

These large horse breeds, such as Clydesdales, are known for their strength and ability to pull heavy loads. Traditionally, they worked on farms and in military battles.

Light Horses

These horses are smaller than average but too large to be classified as a pony. They make great riding horses since they were bred for herding, speed, and racing. Some examples of light horses include Appaloosas, American Paints, Quarter Horses, and Thoroughbreds.


These breeds are sometimes called sporting horses since they are common in equestrian events. Breeders crossed draft horses with Arabians and Thoroughbreds to get these athletic and mild-tempered horses.

Gaited Breeds

Gaited breeds, or saddlebreds, are graceful horses. Since they are easy to ride, many people prefer them for trails or long distances.

Choosing a Horse Breed for Your Family

Now that you know about the five groups of horse breeds, you can narrow down your selection!

The most important thing you should consider is the size of the horse. If you have small children, you may want to get a pony or a small Quarter Horse.

Next, think about your riding goals. Will you be competing? If so, your horse should be young and strong.

If you want to hit the trails with your new horse, versatile breeds like Morgan or Quarter Horses make excellent choices. Be sure that the horse you pick is also experienced and in good health for long rides.

Buying Your Horse

Once you’ve researched the best horse breeds, you can start looking for horses in your area. Many experienced horse owners recommend that beginners buy a horse that is at least ten years old.

However, their temperament and level of riding experience are much more important than their age. It’s best to bring a skilled rider along with you to ensure you make the right choice.

Taking Your New Horse Home

After reading this post, you likely have a better idea of what horse breeds are best for you! Remember to do plenty of research, not only on the breed but also on the specific horse you intend to purchase! Doing so will ensure that you and your horse are a great match!

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