Ride With Style: A Guide to Must Have Equestrian Gear

Do you love horses? Are you looking for an exciting hobby or sport to join? If so, you may be interested in horseback riding!

You can develop equestrian skills for recreation or compete professionally. Either way, you’ll have lots of fun! But, before you start riding, there is some essential equestrian gear you’ll have to get first.

If you’re not sure what you’ll need, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for all the horse riding must-haves!

A Helmet

Riding a horse can get dangerous. Even after you’ve done it for years, you still can’t predict your horse’s every movement. That’s why it’s vital to wear protective headgear while riding.

Whether your horse knocks you off or you fall off, your head will stay protected. Avoid skipping a helmet unless a strict competition requires different headgear, like an equestrian top hat.

A Saddle and Saddle Pads

To keep you and your horse comfortable, you need a well-fitting saddle. It’s best to wait to purchase one until you have a horse that it can get fitted to. You can even get it customized to show some personal flair!

You’ll need saddle pads, too. These sit underneath the saddle and add protection to your horse’s back to help it perform at its peak.

A Bridle

While choosing equestrian supplies, you can’t forget a bridle. It’s essential for gaining control over your horse! You’ll use it to communicate with the animal and direct it where you want it to go.

The bridle fits over your horse’s head. It attaches to a piece called a bit, which sits in the horse’s mouth. Reigns attach to the bridle as well, which gives you something to hold onto.

Riding Boots and Gloves

Like with any sport, appropriate footwear is among the horse riding must-haves. Riding boots are the safest option because they’re comfortable and won’t come off. Avoid any dangling laces on your shoes because they could get caught in your horse’s gear, leaving you in danger if you fall off.

Riding gloves are essential, too. It’s easy to get callouses from holding ropes or reigns, so protect your hands.


Most horse saddles come with stirrups already. But if yours don’t, or they aren’t high-quality, invest in a better set! They’re handy for resting your feet on while riding.

Stirrups are also necessary for helping you remain stable and balanced. You’re less likely to fall off with them attached to your saddle.

Gear or Riding Bags

After you start choosing equestrian supplies, you’ll realize there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of. From riding clothes to your horse’s equipment, you need many items to start riding. Keep it organized by investing in equestrian gear bags.

Also called riding bags, they refer to tote bags or backpacks meant for all your equestrian-related items. Not only do they keep everything together, but also protected.

Start Shopping for Equestrian Gear

If you have a passion for horses, consider learning to ride one. You can do it as a hobby or competitively! Before you get started, though, make sure you have all the equestrian gear you’ll need.

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