Puppy Training Age: The Optimal Age to Start Training Your Puppy

Ideally, puppies are eight weeks old when breeders separate them from their mothers. Eight years old is also about the time when you can take them home.

But is it the right puppy training age? Can you start training your puppy right after you take them home? Read on to learn more.

Basic Puppy Training Age

You can teach your puppy some training tricks when they’re seven to eight weeks old. They should understand basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”.

Training Tips

Make sure that you give these commands gently. You should also use positive reinforcement rather than punishment. For example, give your pet puppy training treats with every command that they get right.


In addition, you should focus on socializing your puppy when they’re at this age. This means you need to introduce them to interact with new people and animals.

When to Start Puppy Training Class

You can start puppy training classes when your puppy is seven to twelve weeks old. Trainers have recommended that owners wait until their puppies are four to six months old. However, the puppy training environment can be a great place for socialization.

Behavioral Fixing

Trainers can also spot any problematic behavior that your puppy may exhibit. They may recommend putting your pet on a more specialized puppy training schedule. It’s best to get these behavioral problems taken care of while your pet is young.

Just make sure that your puppy has all of their vaccinations and gets dewormed before classes. You also need to find a trainer that requires all dogs to keep up with vaccinations. This will keep your puppy safe.

PK9 Dog Training may be the training classes that you’re looking for. Look on their website to find out about their puppy training costs.

Extra Puppy Training

So how should you train your puppy during this critical age? Try using the following tips:

Be Patient

Puppies make mistakes and they all learn at different speeds. Don’t get too upset as this could make your puppy anxious. A secure puppy will learn fastest.

Use Different Environments

The sights and sounds of different places can distract your puppy from training. Make sure to hold training sessions in different areas. This should help your puppy learn to focus.

Be Consistent

Puppies will learn best through consistent repetition. Make sure that you use the same words and/or hand signals for each command. You should also reward the puppy for performing the behaviors that you want them to.

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So the ideal puppy training age should be when you bring your new puppy home. Once you’ve got your puppy well-trained, you won’t have to worry about bad behavior. You can just relax and enjoy them for the adorable little furballs they are.

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