Puppy Behavior: 4 Bad Habits to Look Out

Are you thinking about adopting a new puppy? Are you wondering what habits of looking out for and how to deal with them if they crop up?

Puppy parenting is a barrel of laughter, but there are a few bad habits that can be tricky to break. These behaviors can cause distress for you, your pet, and your family.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for a new addition, then check out this essential guide to puppy behavior, and see if you feel equipped to handle them.

1. Too Much Barking

Beagles and other high-energy breeds are particularly prone to this habit. To help address this problem, careful training is necessary.

Start by teaching the puppy to stop barking on command by providing a positive signal such as a treat or praise. This will help to reinforce desirable behavior. If the puppy continues to bark after that, then you need to ignore him or her and let him/her figure out that barking does not help get rewards.

If the puppy continues to bark after that, take him/her outside and engage in physical activity, such as a game of fetch, and let him bark when given permission.

2. Destroying Items

Chewing or biting items by a puppy is a habit that needs to be curbed right away. This can be a sign of either boredom or lack of exercise. It is important to take the pup on daily walks to ensure that he has enough physical activity and stimulation.

Besides, when it is not convenient to go on a walk, the pup should be provided with toys that are interactive and can provide some form of entertainment. If destruction continues, it is important to provide the pup with positive reinforcement when he chooses not to destroy items.

It is also important to give the pup attention and affection. This may help curb bad behavior.

3. Stealing Food

When it comes to food, it’s best to take measures to prevent puppy stealing as soon as possible. To prevent your pup from stealing food, make sure food is put away securely.

Immediately put any leftovers in the refrigerator after eating or disposing of scraps so your pup cannot access them. Put away foods that smell or have a strong flavor, such as onions or garlic in particular, as they can be attractive to a pup.

4. Jumping on People

Jumping on people is bad puppy behavior that often arises in many breeds and can be extremely problematic. It is common to find people being startled or ending up sore after jumping on them, leading them to avoid contact with the pup.

To prevent your pup from becoming a problem, it is important to look out for any occurrences and encourage consistent and proper puppy training Oahu. This should include developing proper boundaries when engaging with people and teaching your pup to recognize when it is okay to jump on someone, if ever.

By providing clear commands for both you and your pup to follow, you can help prevent this bad puppy behavior from developing into a habit.

What Does Your Puppy Behavior Tell

In conclusion, it is important to recognize puppy behavior and look out for any bad habits that may become more than just an occasional issue. Properly managing and training your puppy is key to a healthy and happy life.

If you notice any bad habits arising, seek help from a professional and take immediate steps to prevent the behavior from worsening. Good luck!

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