Fun and Easy Puppy Tricks

Are you a proud new puppy owner looking for fun ways to bond with your furry friend? Or maybe you’re just looking for some entertaining tricks to show off at your next family gathering.

Either way, teaching your pup some simple tricks is not only a great way to build a strong relationship. It helps keep them mentally stimulated and engaged.

Read on as we’ll explore five easy-to-learn puppy tricks! Let’s get started on this exciting journey of training and bonding with your four-legged companion.


Teaching your pup to sit is one of the most basic commands you can teach them. It’s also a great starting point for more advanced puppy training down the line. Hold a treat close to the nose of your dog. Then, slowly move it up and back over their head.

As they follow the movement with their head, they will naturally lower to a sitting position. As soon as they sit down, say “sit” while rewarding them with the treat.

Practice this routine daily until they start responding to verbal cues without any threats. It’s important not to force your puppy into a sitting position or be overly aggressive in training. This can cause fear and anxiety which may lead to disobedience down the road.

Shake Paw

Teaching your puppy the Shake Paw trick involves teaching your puppy to lift its paw and shake it with yours, which can be quite impressive. To start, give your pup the command “shake” while holding out your hand toward them.

If they don’t shake immediately, gently take their paw in your hand and say good boy/girl as you do so. It’s important to reward them every time they get close to doing what you want.

Lie Down

Teaching your puppy to lie down is easy to master, and once they’ve learned it, you can use it in several ways to communicate with them. To start training your pup to lie down, begin in a quiet room with no distractions.

Hold some treats close to their nose and slowly lower your hand towards the ground while giving the command “lie down.” As soon as they’re on the ground, reward them with praise and a treat.

Repeat this process numerous times until they’ve understood what “lie down” means. Once they have grasped the concept of lying down consistently when commanded, you can add extra steps like holding out longer before rewarding them or adding verbal or visual cues.

Roll Over

Roll Over involves getting your furry friend to roll over onto their back and show off their belly. Not only is this a cute trick, but it also helps to develop trust between you and your pup.

To start teaching Roll Over, begin with the command “Down”. Once your dog has successfully laid down, hold a treat near their nose on one side of their body. Slowly move the treat towards their opposite shoulder while saying “Roll Over” in an excited tone.

Whatever basic tricks you teach your puppy, learn to be patient. This is especially if you are planning on adding a French Brittany puppy – as this is exciting, you may want to be ready to train a new one by training your older fur baby basic dog tricks.

Consider These Fun and Easy Puppy Tricks

These fun and easy puppy tricks are a great way to keep your pup entertained and allow for extra bonding time. Give these tricks a try and you and your pup will be happy you did!

What are you waiting for? Unlock your puppy training skills!

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