Common Backyard Birds

Do you feel frustrated that you don’t know how to identify the many birds who visit your lawn?

It can be challenging to not know the names of birds that frequent your yard. By knowing what kinds of birds they are, you’ll be able to learn more about them. By connecting with your feathered friends in this way, your life will feel more meaningful.

What many people don’t realize is that there are several species of common backyard birds that are easy to identify. If you want to find out about the birds in your yard, read on and we’ll tell you what you need to know.

1. The American Goldfinch

It’s hard to miss these bright yellow and blackbirds when they frequent peoples’ lawns in the spring and the summer. If you want to attract more of these beautiful birds to your neighborhood, consider offering them seeds to eat. There are also certain plants that you can plant in your garden that they’ll love to nibble on.

Goldfinch features include bright yellow heads and black wings. In the winter the males and females have a bright olive color.

2. One Of The Most Common Backyard Birds: The Mourning Dove

These thick-bodied birds have a grayish color and are larger than many other common birds. Since they are larger in size, they also have larger appetites. This is why you should have plenty of seeds to offer if they are frequenting your yard.

You can also recognize this bird by listening out for its cooing call.

3. The Blue Jay

Blue Jays often get a bad reputation because they can bully other birds. What many people don’t realize is that they are also very intelligent and playful. Bluejay characteristics include blue on the top half of their bodies and white bellies.

The “jay” in their name refers to how noisy they can become if they are bothered or if they feel that they’re in danger. You can find out more about the blue jay at

4. The American Robin

People love these birds because they are the harbingers of spring. Despite this reputation, they are actually year-round residents of North America. Their diet consists mainly of insects. This is why they often disappear in the winter in order to forage through the forests.

You’ve probably seen these well-known birds hopping around your yard. Chances are that there are also robins that have nests nearby. Just like other common birds in your yard, the American Robin loves to eat seeds.

Common Backyard Birds Are Easy To Identify And Fun To Feed

There are a handful of bird species that frequent most peoples’ yards. By being able to identify them, you can know what to feed them. It will also bring more enjoyment to your life by knowing more about the birds that like to frequent your yard.

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