Are Fish Good Pets? Here’s What You Need to Know

While dogs and cats are the most commonly owned pets in the United States, the third most popular is fish. According to the American Pet Products Association, 11.8 million households in the US own freshwater fish (2.9 million own saltwater fish). This puts freshwater fish ahead of birds, small animals, reptiles, horses, and many other types of pets.

In this blog post, we will ask a very important question if you are considering getting a new pet—are fish good pets? We will look at both the pros and cons of getting a fish as a pet so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

The Pros of Having a Fish as a Pet

Fish, compared to many other pets, are easy to maintain. They don’t require regular walks, they don’t require litter box cleanings, and they aren’t going to chew through your favorite clothes or furniture. On the contrary, fish can have a calming and tranquil effect within a home and lend themselves well to a relaxed atmosphere.

Compared to many other pets, they are also more affordable to feed and care for. A large dog, for example, can run up a hefty food bill each week. When you factor in visits to veterinarians, dogs, and other pets can be a substantially more expensive pet than fish.

Even if your home is small, you can comfortably fit a suitably-sized aquarium into it. Fish are also quiet and you won’t have to worry about them barking or making noise that bothers you and the neighbors.

There is also great variety when it comes to choosing your preferred fish. From different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can choose the best fit for your home.

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The Cons of Having a Fish as a Pet

It can take some time to get to grips with taking care of a fish and learning how to properly maintain the aquarium. This steep learning curve may be offputting to some, but people generally get the hang of things quite quickly.

Once you get to grips with maintenance, you may find that there is more work involved than you through. You will need to test the water, remove old water, add new water, change the filter, and feed the fish. This isn’t as much work as having a dog, but it’s still something to consider.

Other factors to consider about having a fish as a pet include the cost of fish food, fish medicine, and electricity usage. Bear these in mind when deciding if a fish is right for you. Also, take some time to consider which is the best pet fish for your home.

The Bottom Line: Are Fish Good Pets?

Still wondering are fish good pets?

The bottom line is that fish make for great pets. However, you should weigh up the pros and cons before making a final decision. Keeping fish as pets can be very rewarding, both for adults and children.

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