7 Pet Trends to Watch in 2021

When most people think of the ways that COVID-19 impacted the world, they think of things like the economy and education. One industry that you might not realize it affected is the pet industry. However, the adoption rates for dogs, cats, and other pets soared during the pandemic, as did the pet care industry in general. Now that we can finally see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, some of the other effects that the virus had on the pet industry are also becoming apparent. Oftentimes, these manifest in the form of pet trends.

So what are some of the biggest ones? Keep reading to learn about seven pet industry trends you might want to jump on in 2021.

1. An Expanding Range of Products

When most people think of pet products, they think of things like beds, toys, food, and leashes. However, recent years have seen increased levels of product innovation.

Pet wipes are one thing that people everywhere are starting to buy. This is nothing more than a moist towelette that you use to wipe your dog after they go to the bathroom. However, today there are hundreds of brands to choose from.

Likewise, cat toothpaste is also gaining popularity. Pet owners want to ensure that their feline friends are by their side with shiny teeth—quarantine or no quarantine.

2. Pet Supplements Gaining Popularity

Everyone wants to make sure that their pets live a long and happy life, and supplements are one of the ways to help them do that. It, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise that pet supplements are taking off in 2021.

The demand for probiotics for dogs, fish oil for cats, and different types of vitamins is all growing this year. Likewise, many pet owners are turning to CBD.

Searches for ‘CBD for dogs’ grew by 5400% over the last five years. This has led to the creation of several pet-focused CBD companies and product lines.

3. Specialized Types of Food

You may have heard of organic dog food, but have you heard of keto dog food? That’s one of the many specialized types of food that’s gaining popularity in the pet industry.

Freeze-dried pet food is another new and popular trend. Many of the ingredients present in organic pet foods are difficult to preserve, which is where freeze-dried pet food comes in handy.

Many people are also starting to buy raw pet food. If you’re thinking about jumping on that trend, make sure that you understand the risks involved.

4. Luxury Products Everywhere

Many of the luxury pet products that people use aren’t necessary, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t becoming more mainstream.

From litterboxes that change color based on the pH levels of your cat’s urine to frozen yogurt treats for your dog, people are starting to pamper their pets as much as they pamper themselves.

Housecats are also getting the chance to get some time away from the house. Cat enclosures that keep your cat safe and contained for a period of time outside are more popular than ever.

5. A Preference for Natural Pet Foods

People are starting to extend their own preferences to those of their pets. This is leading to the growth of the natural pet product industry.

Organic ingredients, cultured meat, and superfoods are all becoming more and more popular in the world of pet foods. People are starting to prioritize the health of their pets as much as (or sometimes more than!) their own.

However, keep in mind that natural isn’t just for food. There are a ton of other areas where natural and holistic products can offer benefits to your pets. Check out this blog to learn more.

6. An Appreciation for Pet Insurance

If your pet gets sick or injured, you want to make sure that you have the money to take care of them. Vet costs can be high, which is why many people are turning to pet insurance.

There are many different types of pet insurance plans, but all of them work to cut down the costs of vet visits and needed medication. It might seem excessive, but you never know when there’ll be an emergency.

Most insurance plans hover around $20 to 40 a month for cats and $30 to $70 for dogs. Unlike human health insurance, most vets will accept all forms of pet insurance. This makes it easier to find the right vet without worrying about coverage.

7. Pet-Friendly Spaces

If you haven’t been to a cat cafe before, then you’re missing out. However, soon you might not have to be a coffee lover to get to hang out with cats and other pets in public.

Pet-friendly spaces are becoming more and more popular in 2021. Dog-friendly spas and even hotels are everywhere these days, providing you with the perfect place to bring your dog or interact with others if you don’t have one.

People want to be with their pets all the time now, especially after how hard the previous year was. We don’t know about you, but we love this trend!

Embrace These Pet Trends

People will always love their pets, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re constantly finding new ways to show their love to their furry friends.

Some of these pet trends might seem a bit extreme, but our pets do so much for us. We might as well go the extra mile for them, too!

Whether or not you choose to jump on these pet care trends is up to you. Before you go, though, make sure to browse through some of the other posts on our site. You’ll find tons of other great pet guides and tips.